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Frequently Asked Questions (7)

Why did my breaker break?

Thermal-magnetic circuit breakers “trip” when there is a problem on the circuit that the breaker is protecting. That problem could be a simple overload that the homeowner could fix by shedding load (unplugging items from an overloaded circuit) or it could be a more complicated problem requiring a qualified electrician to investigate. However, either way, the breaker should not be reset until the problem has been diagnosed and fixed.

When the problem is fixed and your breaker still does not function correctly it is possible that your breaker has sacrificed itself to protect your circuit. That is part of the design criteria for the circuit breaker. Other factors such as loose connections (the number one cause of breaker failures) or environmental factors, like water, oxidation or corrosion can also help destroy a breaker.

My 15 amp breaker keeps tripping, can I replace it with a 20 amp breaker?

The breaker sizing is determined by the size and insulating material of the wire that it is protecting as determined by the National Electric Code.  You should not use a larger amperage breaker than is proper for the wire you are trying to protect.  We suggest that you contact a qualified electrician to help you determine what size breaker would be appropriate for your circuit.

Will my electrical inspector accept a Used and Tested breaker?

There is nothing in the National Electric Code that precludes the use of used material.  The inspector will be looking to make sure that the breaker you install is the right breaker for your panel.  We will help you get the correct breaker to fit your existing panel.  In our experience, if you have questions about what an inspector will or will not accept, it would be best to ask your inspector.  They will appreciate the fact that you want to install the correct item.

And remember, you should ONLY purchase used material that has been fully tested by a reputable company.

How long will it take for me to receive my shipment?

Oregon Breakers, Inc. is an Oregon based company situated in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  We ship ground shipments using the United Parcel Service (UPS).  Our location allows us to ship next day ground service to the entire state of Oregon and the majority of the state of Washington.  Second day ground service extends throughout the rest of Washington, most of Idaho and all the way to the continental divide in Montana.  Northern California, northern Nevada, parts of Wyoming and the entire state of Utah are also just 2-days away utilizing standard UPS Ground shipping.

If we receive the order before 2:00 pm Pacific time on a normal non-Holiday weekday, the breaker should ship that day. After 2:00 pm depending on the breaker, it still may ship that day, but may not get out until the following work day.

Please use the map below to determine your expected receiving date.  The actual delivery time of day will be determined by your local UPS delivery routes.

UPS outbound

{The map is courtesy of the UPS website.  UPS reserves the right to change this map without notice.}


Can I save the freight charges by picking up my order at your warehouse?


Our facility is in the industrial area of Tualatin, Oregon. Tualatin is a suburban city in the Portland Metro area, just southwest of the City of Portland. Our 20,000 square ft. building contains our entire inventory, our personnel and our testing facilities. Everything we have is one location!  It is very convenient for customers who wish to pick up their orders instead of having us ship it to them. 

Our address is 9710 SW Herman Rd, Tualatin, OR 97062-8151.  We are located just west of Interstate 5 at the Nyberg Road exit (look for signs for Cabela’s Retail Store).

Our warehouse is open from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm weekdays, excluding major Holidays.  We stay open through lunch too!  We also have 24/7 emergency opening services (opening fee applies).


Can you tell me what size breaker I will need?

Proper sizing of a circuit breaker is determined by the gauge and the insulation material of the wire that the breaker is meant to protect as determined by the National Electric Code.  We suggest that you contact a qualified electrician to answer your code related questions.


Will Oregon Breakers install the breakers?

No, we are not a licensed contractor.  We suggest you contact a qualified electrician to handle your electrical installation.



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