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How long will it take for me to receive my shipment?

Oregon Breakers, Inc. is an Oregon based company situated in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  We ship ground shipments using the United Parcel Service (UPS).  Our location allows us to ship next day ground service to the entire state of Oregon and the majority of the state of Washington.  Second day ground service extends throughout the rest of Washington, most of Idaho and all the way to the continental divide in Montana.  Northern California, northern Nevada, parts of Wyoming and the entire state of Utah are also just 2-days away utilizing standard UPS Ground shipping.

If we receive the order before 2:00 pm Pacific time on a normal non-Holiday weekday, the breaker should ship that day. After 2:00 pm depending on the breaker, it still may ship that day, but may not get out until the following work day.

Please use the map below to determine your expected receiving date.  The actual delivery time of day will be determined by your local UPS delivery routes.

UPS outbound

{The map is courtesy of the UPS website.  UPS reserves the right to change this map without notice.}


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