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About us

Oregon Breakers, inc. has for over 20 years been committed to keeping used electrical distribution equipment in Oregon and Washington out of our landfills while helping our customers extend the life of their existing equipment.  Our mission revolves around three simple steps:

To Re-use:   The ultimate green solution; most electrical components that are removed from service are in working condition.  We inspect and test all previously installed equipment to verify that it functions as it was designed, thereby keeping perfectly good used electrical components out of our landfills as well as reducing the need for the manufacture of new equipment.

To Re-condition:  As an accredited member of PEARL, our technicians can recondition many different types of electrical equipment and get them back in service saving our customers money and continuing to help keep our landfills free of electrical garbage.

To Re-cycle:  When there is no other choice but to discard old electrical equipment, we will break down the equipment and recycle everything that can be recycled or repurposed, thereby keeping what we can out of our landfills.  Most of the plastics and all of the metals can be recycled and turned back into usable building materials, reducing the demand for excavating raw materials.

Oregon Breakers is committed to doing everything possible to reduce our impact on the planet.

Let us help you keep your electrical distribution systems in working order for years to come.  We can also help you do your part for our environment by purchasing or recycling equipment you no longer need.

Solutions for Existing Electrical Equipment in the Pacific Northwest.