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Meet The Experts

The Breaker Bunch

Let our team of experts help save you time and money by being your One Call for all your electrical distribution needs.  In most cases, with good information and/or a picture, we can help get you back up and running with quality New Surplus or Used & Tested material, quickly and economically-all with our one year warranty.  If we don’t have it on our shelves, we know someone who does, so make us your One Call and let us do the rest.

Our direct emails are:  {First name}


Inside Sales

Ashley is one of our most knowledgeable salespeople and a PEARL Certified Level 1 Technician.  Her dedication to our customers is key to our success.


Sales / GFI Acceptance Testing

Derek has been with us the longest of all our employees.  Derek has a wealth of knowledge and a determination to help our customers.  He is a Level 2 PEARL Certified Level 2 Technician.


warehouse surperviser / Technician

Rian is a skilled circuit breaker, fusible switch, transformer and motor control technician.  He is our Go-to-Guy for all of the more difficult jobs.


tech center superviser / Senior Breaker Technician

James is our Senior Breaker Technician and works diligently to maintain PEARL’s high standards for safely refurbishing and testing electrical material.  James is a PEARL Certified Level 1 Technician and an AVO LVCB Certified Technician.


sales / Technician / GFI Acceptance Testing

Nate gained valuable experience working for the local Siemens assembly plant before rejoining our crew.  His broad range of skills help keep us moving forward.  Nate is a PEARL Certified Level 2 Technician


Operations Manager

As the Chief Pilot of Evergreen Aviation, Chip honed his organizational skills keeping track of aircraft and crew scattered all around the world.  We are employing his logistical and organizational skills as a critical part of our growth in the years to come.


Receptionist and more.

Alyssa brightens the sales bull-pen as our receptionist.  She works diligently on AR/AP to insure our customers’ and vendors’ accounts are current and in good standing.



Warehouse / technician

Pat is our man in the warehouse.  His duties are numerous and we keep him moving around all day long.



technician in training

Dale has joined our team and is on the fast track to being a full fledged Breaker Technician..



Warehouse / inventory management

Kim is new to us, but not to the industry.   Kim brings experience and a fantastic look on life to our family.




Jack brings a youthful exuberance and can be found all over the warehouse where ever he is needed.



order Expediter

Beth is a much needed addition to our team.  She handles the orders after our sales team has confirmed our customer’s needs.



Human resources and a/r-a/p

Bri handles everything to do with our Customers’ accounts, Vendors’ accounts and Employees’ payroll and benefits..



internet sales

Tyler is seldom seen, but handles all of our on-line sales.


Stephen & Dj Reames


Stephen and Dj started Oregon Breakers in 1996 because they saw a need for quality used electrical material that when properly tested could safely extend the life of electrical systems.