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Murry is a defunct manufacturer of electrical distribution equipment.  Murray Manufacturing was purchased by the Arrow Hart Co. in the early 70’s and continued to market the product under the Murray name.  However, Cooper Industry’s Crouse Hinds Company acquired the brand before the end of the 70’s.  Crouse-Hinds dropped the Murray name after only a couple of years, however the name was resurrected when Siemens purchased the line from Crouse-Hinds in the 1990’s.


Here are the primary panel types that Murray Manufacturing Corp. has made in the past that would carry the Murray name.  This is not a complete list, just a list of the most common.  Please contact us if you do not see your panel on the list.

Panelboard Types:
NLAB M1, M2, M3, ME, M4, M5, M6 & M7
NAB, NHB P1, P2, P3, P4, P5
(Listed trademarks are for reference purposes only and do not constitute an endorsement by the manufacturer.)

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